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Westfield celebrates Coronation with a Party and Games

Westfield celebrated the King’s Coronation in style with a Coronation Party and Games.


Children enjoyed making and decorating cupcakes, cutting up fruit and making cucumber sandwiches along with making crowns and party hats. 


The rain stopped just in time and the sun was shining as the children enjoyed socialising outside as they talked about what they know about the new King.


After the food it was time for a Carousel of Games including:


Pin the Crown on the King

Balance the Crown 

Kings Game

Red, White and Blue - Peg Board Picture Making


After the food and games, Mr Ricketts played the bagpipes which rounded off a fantastic morning that was enjoyed by all.


The children have enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities this week to learn more about King Charles III and are very excited to witness his coronation this weekend.