Westfield School

Nurturing Individuality & Progress




“My daughter is thriving being at Westfield school I have never seen her happier the support she gets is always above and beyond.”


“The provision given at this school is outstanding.”


“Staff are so welcoming and always happy to make time to discuss my child. Their knowledge and understanding of special needs is what makes the school such an incredible setting for the children to simply be themselves and thrive. We have nothing but praise for the teaching staff, support staff, office team, leadership team and the school premises too.”


“Very happy with the school provision. Best decision made to send my son to this school.”


“Since my child has attended Westfield my child's behaviour has improved. The school is supportive and understanding in there care. I would highly recommend Westfield to anyone in need of a specialist school.”


“My little boy is now a happy school boy after nearly a year out of education as he could no longer cope with a mainstream environment. The change in him is amazing and he has made such amazing progress in a short space of time. His anxiety which is very significant is really well managed. He is now happy to go to school and puts on his uniform really well. This is an immense achievement after nearly a year of school refusal! The staff are amazingly supportive.”


“My son has settled brilliantly at Westfield and has made such an improvement since he started in September 2021”


“The school is hard working and creative in meeting my sons needs. We are pleased with the relationships and progress he has made.”


“We are absolutely delighted by the support provided by the staff at Westfield school. The teachers and staff are super pragmatic and understand exactly how to support our son's complex needs. Thank You Westfield Management, teachers and staff!”


“Always informed Fantastic staff, keep up the good work. Thank you”


”Seesaw App they use is brilliant! We now hear much more about what he is doing during the day and the pictures help us talk about his day. Thank you!”